First impressions of your company are very important to visitors and the image of the business at Barringtons Cleaning we have many years of experience to clean all surfaces and bring them back to the original condition.

Using the latest equipment Barringtons Cleaning are able to restore cladding, block paving, brick, concrete and almost any other hard surface to near original condition.

Below are the sort of areas that can benefit from our hot or cold pressure washing.

Factories, warehouses, statues and monuments, driveways, decking, shopping centres, patios, car parks, tennis courts, swimming pools, block paving, plant and machinery, boat hulls, loading bays, fast food outlets, marinas, awnings, church yards, road signs, walls, fences, cladding, walkways, fascias, timber, most types of stone, play areas etc.

To talk to our team at Barringtons Cleaning service call us on 0333 023 0403 and book an appointment now.