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Benefits of a professional property clean

Barringtons Cleaning offers complete property cleans for landlords preparing a property for rent and builders cleans throughout Liverpool and North-West.

After a construction project there may be dust, debris, and other hazardous materials left behind. A builder's clean will remove all these items, creating a safe and healthy environment for anyone who enters the space.
A professional property clean will remove any dirt, grime, or other unsightly marks left behind by, leaving the space looking brand new and ready for use.

By getting your property ready for use immediately this can help minimise any downtime and reduce the need for additional cleaning services in the future.

A professional clean will create a positive impression for anyone looking to rent or buy your property. 

Site Health & Safety

Our operatives are trained to the highest health and safety standards. All are familiar with the risks associated with the performance of property cleaning tasks. Risks are controlled so that cleaners, and anyone else working on the site, are kept safe and from danger of injury.

We provide health and safety risk assessments along with relevant method statements depending on the type of project. Our risk assessments identify any risks or hazards that might be involved in the job; control measures and safe systems of work are put in place to reduce or remove unacceptable ris

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